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“I’ve only seen Thor twice so far, but both sessions have had a positive effect on my neck and lower back issues. The pain greatly reduced the next day, so it must be working. I was skeptical at first because it is such a gentle procedure. I appreciate the way Thor explains what goes wrong with the body to create the pain and also things I can do to avoid going back into pain. He had magic hands.”
– Karen S., San Rafael CA

“I have been seeing Thor for quite a few months. His work is amazing. The overall release of tension and increased motion is great. I feel great and young again, so I can get on the soccer field one more time. Thor is a wonderful, calm and intuitive person, and I highly recommend his services.
– John Z., Novato CA

“Not only has Thor helped the pain in my hip, he has given me practical advice on resting and taking it easy! Not easy for me to do being a type A, but it all makes sense!”
– Rose F.

“I don’t have any reference point as I have never had this treatment before, but Thor is amazing. A terrific human being.”
–William Z., San Rafael CA

“After being rear-ended on Hwy101 my doctor referred me to Thor. I found his practice to be gentle and effective. He is a “gentle soul” with great listening skills, hands on therapy, compassion and his calm approach helped relieve my pain.”
–Marcia G., Mill Valley, CA

“Thor is the kindest and best therapist. I am glad that I found him through these other Yelp reviews. My frozen shoulder has bothered me for four years now, and he was able to release a lot of the pain in just four sessions so I can move it freely again. He also gave me exercises that I can do daily so I will improve on my own. I highly recommend him!”
–Ulrike G., Germany


Office: 4340 Redwood Highway, Suite D305, San Rafael, CA 94903; Phone: 415-328-6623

Myofascial Release Center of Marin can help you return to a pain-free, active lifestyle. Myofascial therapist Thor Hanson offers gentle, effective treatment for sport injuries, post surgery healing and otherlimiting conditions. Serving clients in Marin County, San Rafael, and Novato