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Physically, I have been blessed with a guardian angel watching over me. After 60 years of running, stopping, starting, jumping, climbing, swimming, weight lifting, biking, skiing, etc. that has filled my days, I’ve never had to go to a surgeon. I have known and respected surgeon Dr. Dan Solomon professionally for several years and made my appointment with his office. My own sense was that my joints were aging well, but getting y-ray images for a 100k mile check-up seemed prudent. I noticed being in a reception room full of limping people had my attention.
At the surgeon’s office they took pictures of both knees and both shoulders. In addition to my knee, I was having a torn right biceps examined at the same time. Incredibly, the images showed very even wear on all of the cartilage surfaces and no real degradation in my shoulder or knees from hard use. Time to give thanks!
When we talked about treatment Dr. Solomon told me to continue the icing and keep after the gentle range of motion exercises and stretching I was doing. The treatment that he recommended for strengthening my knee was the stationary bike. In addition I have been receiving regular body work and doing tai chi to help my knee recover. He thought I would be back to normal in a month. The right shoulder showed no disability in strength or mobility testing and I was told “don’t let it hold you back from anything.” I can tell it still isn’t quite back to normal strength yet, but considering the long head tore off the bone, not too bad and getting stronger.

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