What’s stressing you out these days? What does the stress cost you? And what can you do about it? How can you deal with the surges of stress and feel better about life? Stress comes in such a myriad of forms, it has become difficult to remember what the base levels of adrenalin is. The majority of the information we receive in our world is labeled as urgent. Being late to lunch in traffic isn’t the same level of stress as being late lunch for a predator. Reporting a failure to your boss isn’t the same as “don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”, but our adrenals don’t see a big difference. Our early ancestors didn’t have the “fight or flight” anxiety nearly as often each day as we do. These constant levels stress cost the body its resources.

The Cost of Stress

Sure some stress promotes action and growth, but swimming daily in a sea of stress is more than annoyance. It’s very expensive. As much as 75% of dis-ease is stress related. And, more personally, 75% of your medical bill is stress cost. Symptoms include fast heart beat, anxiety, depression, anger, sleep disturbance, grinding teeth, upset stomach, diarrhea, fast shallow breathing, heart disease, fatigue, digestive issues, decreased immunity, high blood pressure and accelerated aging. Let’s not forget the standard symptoms of headache,

Treating for stress cost.

stiff neck and shoulders and low back pain.

What To Do for Your Stress

We probably can’t evade stress completely from day to day. Some days nothing seems to go right. Learning to recognize your pathway from happiness to frustration or anger and stopping and taking a moment before you get there an is important tool.  Having simple, daily strategies to self sooth can be very practical, maybe necessary in a hectic, modern life.  You can directly influence your chance to feel better, if you’ll take a little time for your own well being. Most of the ways to release stress you like doing anyway. The following blogs will cover a variety of things we can all do to lower the accumulations of daily stress (without having to go to Fiji for 2 weeks). Stress costs you, but you can choose to feel better. Consider them as investments for a healthy old age, not as an indulgence that shouldn’t be allowed too often.

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