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Myofascial Release Heals and Helps Prevent Sports Injuries

Every person who enjoys athletic endeavors gets injured from time to time. Myofascial techniques are beneficial for stretching restricted tissue to help prevent sports injuries, as well as treat injuries after they have occurred.

Fascia is a tough, thin connective tissue that covers the muscles, vessels, organs, nerves and bones. Among its many functions, the myofascial system is the major shock absorber of whatever happens to our body, including impacts resulting from sports activities. If the fascia is restricted in any area, the body won’t be able to absorb shocks efficiently.

Restricted fascia may lead to recurring sports and performance injuries, despite extensive physical therapy, stretching and flexibility programs. Because the fascia isn’t flexible, the body absorbs too much pressure in too small of an area, and during sports activities, it keeps breaking down.


How Myofascial Release Therapy Treats Sports Injuries

Sports and other injuries create a shortening and thickening of the myofascial system. Trauma stimulates the body to generate additional connective tissue fibers as a form of compensation during the healing process. Normally, the fibers are removed and replaced with healthy tissue by the natural processes of the body. If, however, the rate of assembly exceeds the rate of removal, the fibers build up, creating myofascial restrictions.

Normal fascia feels pliable and elastic, and the muscles will glide easily. Restricted fascia, on the other hand, feels stiff or tight because the muscles are glued together. During myofascial release therapy, myofascial restrictions are gently stretched to achieve maximum release. The body regains its range of motion and ability to absorb shock during sports and other high impact activities, helping to prevent future injury.


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