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Myofascial Release Therapy Provides Faster Post Surgery Recovery

Whenever a person has surgery, fascial restrictions can occur in the joints or muscles of the surgical area as well as in the surrounding tissue. As part of the normal healing process, thick, fibrous tissue develops at the site of the surgery itself. Tissue restrictions can also occur where the body needs to remain immobile during the healing process. As a result, joints and muscles become stiff and painful to move.

Why does this happen? Normal, soft tissue has a crisscross pattern that gives it strength in all directions of force. Connective, or fascial tissue, impacted by surgical wounds or damaged by trauma, may form adhesions or restrictions during the regeneration phase of healing. Scar tissue fibers are laid down in an irregular pattern rather than the crisscross pattern of normal, pliable tissue. Scar tissue feels hard and stiff, and it is weaker and less resilient than normal tissue.

You may have witnessed this loss of strength, flexibility and mobility with a friend or family member, or you may have experienced it yourself: a knee that is swollen and stiff after surgery, a hand that is unable to hold a cup of coffee after a broken wrist, a previously dislocated shoulder that is immobile.

Myofascial Release Therapy Helps Return Normal Mobility

During myofascial release therapy, tissue with myofascial restrictions due to surgery is gently stretched and realigned back into a healthy crisscross pattern. The scar tissue created at the surgery site itself and where the body has been immobile are both addressed. Because myofascial release actually remodels the scar tissue, it hastens the process of post surgery recovery. Tissue treated by myofascial release feels soft and pliable again, and it regains its strength.

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