Taking My Own Joint Therapy

archer-in-marin-open-spaceMy knee and I are in the 10th week of recovery, a little past the regeneration phase.  I feel like I am entering the Impatient Phase-I’m generally feeling better and I want to push it and know it isn’t a good idea. I have more days of feeling almost like my old self, but not quite. My knee has restrictions in a full squat position and sometimes still feels tender. I see this phase in many of my clients. Here is what I have been doing for knee joint therapy for the last 6 weeks.

Almost every morning and most evenings, for 20-30 minutes, I practice perfect walking in the open space while my dog, Archer, inspects his territory. During the day, between clients, I do some tai chi movements to gently warm and move my knee joints. I self-treat my quads and do a variety of stretches to take a break while seated at my desk. On the 2 days a week I go to BodyKinetics, a gym in Marin, I ride the stationary bike in lower gears for 20 minutes (9 miles), do ladder and BoSu work before a lengthy stretching session. Upper body workouts have also resumed. In addition to receiving 4 targeted bodywork treatments I also had my hip, knee, ankle and foot adjusted 4 times by a chiropractor. Diet-wise, I added a cup of Osso Good bone broth as a source of extra collagen during the regeneration phase. I iced my knee a lot in the early phases, but I wish I was still icing more now. I will share my knee joint therapy progress again at the 6 month mark, March 2017.


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