Things I’m competent to do hanging out at the cross roads of

“Having a blast!” and “Doing a good deed”

Healthy Aging1) Donate one day a month to All in One Peace, a program for returning veterans.

2) Ski 100,000 feet of vertical in fresh powder snow.

3) Drive three new race tracks.

4) A long backpacking trip with my sons.

5) Write and record songs on a CD.

6) Build and sell a guitar.

7) A sculpture.

8) Fund a grant writer for Novato Charter School grant.

9) Take an epic road trip.

10) Ride my bike in a century.

11) Get certified in scuba and dive a living reef.

12)  Enter an ikebana in the Marin County Fair.

And in the end, a book!

Healthy Aging – Being Sixty!

Goin’ Sixty! When I first thought of it, I wasn’t quite sixty yet, and still had some untested adventures in mind. There were no reasons I couldn’t do any of the things I had listed and now I had a clear reason: “to dream these out loud before the window of opportunity closes.” Whatever that turns out to mean…

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