Feel better! Stress costs you.

Stress What’s stressing you out these days? What does the stress cost you? And what can you do about it? How can you deal with the surges of stress and feel better about life? Stress comes in such a myriad of forms, it has become difficult to remember what the base levels of adrenalin is. […]

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Taking My Own Joint Therapy

Taking My Own Joint Therapy My knee and I are in the 10th week of recovery, a little past the regeneration phase.  I feel like I am entering the Impatient Phase-I’m generally feeling better and I want to push it and know it isn’t a good idea. I have more days of feeling almost like my […]

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The Three Phases Involved In Healing

Healing’s Three Phases The path between wound and scar is called healing and has three phases. If you were to look at a magnified view of a soft issue tear, you would see the fibers have been interrupted in much the same way paper fibers look when it is torn. Getting the fibers to repair […]

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Going to the Surgeon

Going To The Surgeon   Physically, I have been blessed with a guardian angel watching over me. After 60 years of running, stopping, starting, jumping, climbing, swimming, weight lifting, biking, skiing, etc. that has filled my days, I’ve never had to go to a surgeon. I have known and respected surgeon Dr. Dan Solomon professionally […]

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hurt knee

Hurt Knee – Being 60

Being 60 Well, I can say now that not all of these events happened exactly as titled. There are two that are still in the works and one that might not happen at all, but it was still a good example of a healthy lifestyle in action. Maybe one of you will make a plan […]

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The self care of quality breathing and Healthy Aging


HEALTHY AGING – GOIN’ SIXTY! Things I’m competent to do hanging out at the cross roads of “Having a blast!” and “Doing a good deed” 1) Donate one day a month to All in One Peace, a program for returning veterans. 2) Ski 100,000 feet of vertical in fresh powder snow. 3) Drive three new […]

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