Why I'm Passionate About Myofascial Release Therapy

The note that always rings truest for me is “competent fitness.” Around it, the melodies of sports and physical conditioning, stretching and diet, tai chi and gestalt, professional training and practice are intertwined. I sing them all.

In my life, competent fitness has meant walking the dog around the neighborhood as well as ten days of high Sierra backpacking, building guitars and doing concrete work, concentrating at a desk all day and skiing through the trees. I decided to become a Myofascial Relief Therapist due to its tremendous power to enable the body to continue being flexible and pliable as we age. I have helped numerous clients heal from sports injuries and surgery through myofascial release therapy - once again being able to do the things they love doing.


Aging with More Ease

Aging can impact what I call “graceful competence” -the ability to do things easily. The things that make us feel older are not always our years, but our loss of flexibility and balance. As I watched my parents age, I saw how it became more and more difficult for them to put on socks and just carry dishes back to the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be that way! Myofascial release treatment can help the body retain its mobility and flexibility, even as we age.

The myofascial release approach I use is taught by John F. Barnes, PT. It is clinically proven to be the most effective manual therapy you can receive for painful, restricted motion. I am one of only 30 Certified Myofascial Release Experts in the state of California. My clients tell me time after time how profoundly relaxing each treatment is.

My Background As a Health Practitioner

I received my massage therapy license in 1996 after more than 25 years of learning about the body through varsity and non-varsity sports, yoga, strength training, Tai Chi and meditation. My early massage studies include being licensed in Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Reiki. Later courses include Russian Clinical Massage with Zhenya Kurashova and Advanced Massage Techniques at Esalen Institute. I am also a Parisi speed and conditioning coach. I have been trained on the best body mechanics to use for acceleration, top speed, and changing direction, which are so important in many sports.

In 2009, looking for better results in rehabilitating injuries, I began studying the Myofascial Release Approach with John F. Barnes, becoming certified as a Myofascial Release expert in 2014.My goal is to restore pain-free, fluid motion and wellbeing to the body. I believe so profoundly in the power of myofascial release that if a client is not satisfied with their treatment, I guarantee their money back.

On a personal note, I live in Novato, I’m married, and I have two wonderful teenage sons. My practice allows me daily access to my highest self, enabling me to respond to the human condition, and to give generously.

- Thor Hanson

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